Next Level Beauty

About Us


Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, and boasting a history of over 7 years, Royal Beauty produces cosmetics products and has a strong presence in Bulgaria. From Foot and Hand Care & Cosmetics to as well as Personal Care, as well as Health & Care Products, we offer a wide range of high quality brands that are top in consumers' preferences. Operating all over the country – Royal Beauty maintains its significant presence and its strong distribution network. Guided by our vision, we follow and invest on a clear strategy that is shaped throughout our successful history and creates sustainable profitable growth and value for all stakeholders.

Our Team


We are a long-standing reputable company built on excellence, trust, humbleness and ownership, committed to bringing sustainable growth and achieving a positive impact on people’s everyday lives.

We consist of a team of passionate and dedicated people we are proud of, who are committed to maximize the company's heritage.

We are always near our customers, as an indispensable partner, working with them, creating value through the unique impact of our brands and our operational excellence.

We embrace local communities we operate in and empower them through initiatives that help build a better today while caring for tomorrow.

Mission, Vision, Values


Our mission

Our mission is to uplift the mood of consumers, with beautiful simplicity that makes everyday life better, by being always nearby, working closely with our cosmetics experts to create value sustainably.


In fulfilling our mission we are guided by our values.

Our core values are: Excellence, Trust, Humbleness, Ownership, Sustainability. They are the foundation of our business model and, together with our solid financial performance, create the basis of our successful future development.

Our values define how we do business with our colleagues, partners, customers and consumers, while giving purpose to our daily work life.

“We are the Royal Beauty’s Team”


Our team shows a set of beliefs and ideas about the social behavior and relationships of a person or a group.

Ethics constantly inspires our moral culture. It’s the path we have chosen to follow faithfully all these years.


We strive for continuous improvement! We are restless to deliver top quality solutions to all our stakeholders and create value for them. Our results-driven performance – oriented culture empowers people to reach their full potential and achieve continuous growth.


We are reliable partners! We build relationships that are in the interests of all involved. We always act and communicate with integrity and transparency. We follow through our promises and we deliver on them.


We are humble achievers! We are proud of our work and results. We are willing to learn from each other and from failures as well as successes. We act with empathy and value our relationships. This is what makes us leaders in what we do and helps our company thrive.


We have an owner's mentality! We think, decide and act like each of us owns the business. We understand that everything happens with a collective effort and we thus treat each other with respect. We lead with drive, passion and commitment to achieve success.


We care about tomorrow! We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner providing long lasting value to our stakeholders. We respect diversity, human rights and the communities where we operate.